Terms & Conditions

Read the following Repair terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with All About Gadgets Door To Door service.

Mobile Phone Screen or Battery can be replaced within 30 minutes. Any Tablet i.e., Apple, Samsung or other may take few hours to repair depending on the damage.

There may be loss of data during the repair process due to the volatile nature of the software and hardware on the device. Customers are advised to back up all the data prior to repair to avoid any data loss. 

We may ask to connect with your electricity to operate small equipment for repairing work depending upon the device and the type of repair.

We will hold 10% of the total repair cost when you book a repair job. 10% on-hold amount will be non-refundable and is inclusive of the total cost of repair. For example, for a total repair cost of $100, on hold amount will be $10 while booking with remaining balance of $90 to be paid post completion of job. 

Please note that in the process of repairing (opening) a device, the original waterproofing feature may no longer function, and All About Gadgets does not warrant for waterproofing and cannot be held responsible for any liquid damage due to broken seal.

After repair of the Apple devices, it may show the notification “Unknown Part” or “Display/battery could not be verified” embedded in the device.

Devices submitted to All About Gadgets for repair will be provided with a 6-month warranty from the date of service completion.

Brand new devices will be subject to the rights and remedies that you have under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable law.

Warranty claims are subject to approval by our technicians. Please contact us at in case of any concerns or queries about the resolution.

The warranty does not cover and is voided if evidence of the following is visible: 

  • Any physical and water/liquid damage whether accidental, intentional, general wear and tear or for things not related to the repair performed by All About Gadgets. 
  • Servicing of the device by a third party not associated with All About Gadgets. A receipt of servicing by All About Gadgets must be provided for Warranty.
  • Any repair or servicing done on the device by third party during the warranty period of All About Gadgets.

We cannot accept any responsibility for loss of sentimental value, income or intellectual property resulting from the loss of any data from your device. 

If, during the selected repair service performed on your device, further accidental physical damage occurs that cannot be resolved by replacing components, we will inform you of this. This instance will most likely happen if damage occurs to the ‘logic board’. We take every precaution possible to avoid damage to this part.

If the accidental physical damage (during repair) to the logic board/motherboard of your device can not be repaired by us, we can arrange the replacement of the logic board as we do not hold logic boards in stock. This will be to the same or equivalent specification as the original logic board inside your device. We will inform you if the replacement logic board is required to be sourced. We will endeavour to source the replacement logic board as quickly as is reasonably possible. Please note that this may take several days or weeks from the date of initial assessment of the device for repair.

For repairs that have been performed with customer’s parts purchased from a source other than All About Gadgets, we can try to repair your device but will not give any guarantee that device will work. All About Gadgets will also not provide any Warranty for any such repair. Exact cost of service will be given on provision of further details about the nature of the repair. 

At no point does your device become our responsibility. You are using our service entirely at your own risk; and by doing so acknowledge that such a risk exists that your device may become lost. 

All About Gadgets is not liable for any issues not associated with the original intent of service that were unable to be diagnosed by All About Gadgets e.g. Software problems, hardware problems, motherboard issues and liquid damage. Please note that these undiagnosed issues may have been as a result of the original damage and not related to or occur due to the device repair. 

Please note a $39 non-refundable assessment fee applies to all undertaken repair services. This fee is deducted from the total of the repair cost if the quote is approved.

The $39 assessment fee will be deducted from the payment made for any approved refund or beyond economical repair device.

If a refund is approved, any parts installed by All About Gadgets remain property of All About Gadgets and must be returned for a refund to be processed.

Whilst we are in temporary possession of your device, we do not assume ownership of the device. We will take necessary precautionary steps to avoid the device being lost, damaged or stolen whilst it is on our premises (on your behalf), but you must acknowledge that we cannot accept any responsibility for your device at any time.

If the device is not fixable, we will return the device back to you or can responsibly and properly (Eco friendly) recycle the device as well.

The time estimate advised for repairs carried out by All About Gadgets is not guaranteed. We will always endeavour to repair and return your device to you as soon as is reasonably possible.